Andrey Sakharov museum, Moscow

2-nd Moscow Biennale of modern art,
contemporary art center wInzavod, Moscow

Bass museum of art,
Multimedia art museum, Miami Beach

metal, wood, plastic, control system,
light system, smoke.
100х100х70 m


The halo is granted from above as a reward for loyalty.



Oh how sweet is the ring-shaped smoke!
No care, no control.
What an encouragement for sadness.
I fell in love with my wooden home…
What do they love us for? For riches,
for our eyes and abundant strength.
And I love lifeless things
for their lacy contours…

Joseph Brodsky


The halo generator is an art machine that reacts to the presence of a human and puffs smoke rings, each of them having structure similar to swirls of tropical cyclones or of bodiless substances of agni yoga. Five parallelepipeds entangled with pipes rattle and click, generating light rings of smoke, which swirl and fly up the ray of light and dissolve in space.

The halo starts its lifecycle by emerging as a cloud of sparkling colours and unfolding from a specific point in its inner space outwards in a circular winding movement. Glowing rings, unstable sculptures out of smoke, live their short lives in a ray of light and remind of the uniting vertical links, which always swirl above the heads of the audience.