The Loire River, Tours, France

Designing and painting up a submarine.
Artistic object.
Metal, plastic, operation system,
audio system, lighting system.
10х7 m


One of the first times the submarine broke the surface was during the artist's stay at Alexander Calder's residence in Sache in the Loire River Valley. Back then, in 2003, Ponomarev had the submarine dive into the Loire, that the French hold for a mystical river, according to the ironic remark made by the legendary Le Mond journalist Harry Bellet, the river in which French kings were swimming for ages. «You should have seen expressions of «Touraine frog eaters» when the tower of the submarine surfaced before their eyes. A more dramatic effect was achieved by a distant outcry «How deep is it? Where is the bottom?» «We don’t know! We don’t know!» an able-bodied seaman shouted in reply». Inhabitants of suburbs of Tours still wonder how it came to be that a Soviet submarine troubled the calm waters of the Loire.