Moscow region, Russia

Object and action.
Vessel drown out of the Reservoire,
set table, audio system.
The Moscow Region,
The Klazma Reservoir.
Created for the Art Klyazma Festival.


The tempting and promising word «cruise» became the title of a witty humorous project. To carry it out, the artist had to establish his own tourist agency PoNoMarin. Although it was not officially registered, this agency is probably much better remembered than hundreds of others, at least in artistic circles. A small old rusty boat, which the artist named «Titonium» , was drawn out of the Klyazma pond and moored to the shore; flags run up, and a table was laid at the upper deck. In such an unusual atmosphere, the author was offering exclusive cruises for elite customers, directing his sarcasm at exotic travel fans longing for new experiences.