Museum of Science and Technology, Paris

A structure made of acrylic
(columns, water filled into a prism-shaped casing),
base frame, water distribution system,
water turnover and purification system, submobiles.
3,5х2,5х9 m


One of the artist’s first large-scale projects organized with participation of Georges Pompidou National Centre for Art and Culture, Moscow State Arts Centre and Paris municipal council was held in Cite de la Science et de l’Industries in Paris.
His installation Memories of Water was a prismshaped transparent design suspended on eight columns of parallelepiped shape, which were filled with water and had forty diving objects the author called submobiles in them. The submobiles, whose mystic contours reminded of Ile de la Cite, an island in Paris on the Seine River, took turns to automatically submerge and surface again in upper and lower parts of the columns, gathering into strata. Owing to the powers of the technical thought, the viewer is granted a brief opportunity to catch a glimpse of the flowing time.