Barents Sea, Arctic Ocean, Russia


The great Leonardo first proposed the idea and principle of the structure of a submarine in the Atlantic odex. But fearing that people would use his idea for «murder at the bottom of the seas» he coded his notes, which made them impossible to read for 200 years. Yet his predictions came true, and the ubmarine became the most secretive and threatening hidden weapon of our time. I, a mote of dust at the feet of a giant, performed the operation in reverse; I penetrated this secret and closed field, and made a work of art from a fatal weapon, returning the submarine to the realm of culture. The colored structures on the 100-meterlong surface of the body rid it of the main feature of a «secret weapon» – the element of surprise. Then, inside «such a pretty boat» I traveled to the Arctic Sea with a crew and anti-camouflage, during which the ship pierced the ocean’s surface as a needle pierces wrinkled cloth, leaving a trace on it and on the map, which I called «The Northern Trace of Leonardo».

A. Ponomarev


This action was the foundation of the project «The Utilization of Packs», which continues to this day. Artist create a flotilla of submarines to represent the interests of the art community. It is an invincible armada of drunken ships that appear in zones of artistic activity, in all sorts of unexpected places, to demonstrate the power of art. The ships surfaced in the Barents Sea, the Arctic Ocean, Lake Baikal, the editerranean Sea, Valencia (Biennale), the Loire River, Saint-Etienne (Passage d’Еurope), Luxembourg (MUDAM ), Atelier Calder (Sachet, France), FIAC Paris, Greenland, the Arctic, the Antarctic and so on.